Removing old Prefs

After an update to, your old prefs like no longer work. Doh!

The problem is that the preference names were changed from deskcut.* to extensions.deskcut.*. During a new install, all is well. During an update, the old preferences still exist, the new ones don't get created and sorts of bad things happen.

First up, you'll need to reset all deskcut prefs. Type "about:config" in the title bar, the "deskcut" in the Filter bar:

Messed up prefs

The above is what it looks like after an install.
Select any of the desckut.* preferences. Right click them and select "Reset". Now an uninstall of deskCut should remove all the old prefs.

If the above doesn't work, you'll need to manually remove the entries.
Locate your profile. This page will help locate it. Now find the "prefs.js" file. MAKE A BACKUP COPY!!! Now open it in a text editor. Usually Notepad for windows folks, Vi, Emacs, Gedit or Kate for Linux folks. Find and delete any lines with "deskcut." in them.

      user_pref("deskcut.addDateBefore", false);

Now save the file. At this point, if you uninstall and reinstall deskCut, the old entries should no longer be there to cause a problem.

The deskcut project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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